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At irRaketa, we specialize in propelling businesses forward with cutting-edge IT solutions. Our company offers a comprehensive suite of IT services designed to optimize performance, enhance security, and drive growth for enterprises across various sectors.

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At itRaketa, we offer tailored Cloud Solutions to meet your unique business needs

In today's fast-paced business landscape, cloud technology offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and efficiency. Our Cloud Solutions empower businesses to scale rapidly, reduce costs, and streamline operations by leveraging the power of cloud computing. From cloud storage and management to migration and security, our services provide comprehensive support for all aspects of your digital infrastructure, helping you stay competitive and responsive to market demands.

Assist businesses in transitioning their data, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud seamlessly, including assessing existing systems, planning the migration strategy, and ensuring minimal disruption during the process.

Provide scalable storage options for various types of data, including file storage, databases, and backup solutions, across cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Offer ongoing management services for cloud infrastructure, covering tasks such as monitoring, maintenance, cost optimization, and ensuring reliable performance.

Implement comprehensive security measures, including encryption, access control, vulnerability assessments, and regular security audits, to protect data and systems from potential threats.

Design and develop cloud-native applications tailored to specific business needs, utilizing modern frameworks and platforms to build scalable, reliable, and efficient solutions.

Provide backup and recovery solutions for critical data, including automated backups, storage redundancy, and disaster recovery planning to ensure business continuity.

Assist businesses in integrating multiple cloud platforms or combining cloud and on-premises solutions, ensuring smooth operation and maximizing resource utilization.

Help businesses select and integrate software solutions that operate entirely in the cloud, reducing the need for on-premises software and providing scalable, flexible options for various business needs.

Offer cloud-based infrastructure, including virtual machines, storage, and networking, allowing businesses to build and manage their IT infrastructure with minimal on-premises hardware.

Assist in setting up and managing cloud-based networks, including VPNs, firewalls, and virtual private clouds (VPCs), ensuring secure and efficient communication between cloud resources.