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At irRaketa, we specialize in propelling businesses forward with cutting-edge IT solutions in Cyprus. Our IT company offers a comprehensive suite of IT services designed to optimize performance, enhance security, and drive growth for enterprises across various sectors.

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Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services encompass the comprehensive management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime. Here’s a detailed look at how we help maintain and optimize your IT systems

Managed IT Services

  • Hardware Procurement: Sourcing the necessary equipment, including monitors, PCs, laptops, docking stations, keyboards, and mice.

  • Installation: Setting up each workstation with the required hardware, ensuring correct placement and connectivity.

  • Configuration: Configuring the systems and peripherals to ensure smooth operation and integration into the company’s existing network and IT infrastructure.

  • Software Installation: Installing necessary software and applications, including operating systems, office suites, and security software, to ensure workstations are ready for use.

  • Testing: Verifying that each workstation functions correctly, checking for connectivity, software compatibility, and overall performance.

We continuously monitor your servers, networks, and systems to detect potential issues before they escalate. Our proactive approach includes:

  • Server Health Checks. We regularly assess the performance and health of your servers, including CPU usage, memory, and disk space, ensuring they operate efficiently.
  • Network Traffic Analysis. We monitor network traffic to identify potential bottlenecks, ensuring data flows smoothly and securely between devices and servers.
  • Alerts and Notifications. Our monitoring systems generate alerts for any unusual activity or potential issues, allowing us to address them quickly to minimize disruption.

We manage your software solutions, including:

  • Installation and Configuration: We install and configure software packages to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, ensuring compatibility and functionality.
  • Updates and Patches: We handle regular updates and security patches, ensuring your software remains up-to-date and protected against vulnerabilities.
  • License Management: We help manage your software licenses, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements and avoiding potential legal issues.

Protecting your IT infrastructure from cyber threats is crucial. Our Managed IT Services include:

  • Firewall Configuration: We configure firewalls to block unauthorized access and prevent potential intrusions into your systems.
  • Intrusion Detection: We deploy intrusion detection systems to monitor network activity, identifying and mitigating potential threats in real time.
  • Vulnerability Assessments: Our team conducts regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and address any potential weaknesses.

Our helpdesk team provides remote and on-site support to address technical issues, including:

  • Troubleshooting: We resolve software and hardware issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring your systems operate smoothly.
  • Technical Assistance: Our team offers guidance and support for IT-related questions, ensuring your staff can effectively use technology tools.

We offer comprehensive data management solutions, including:

  • Backup and Recovery: We implement data backup and recovery solutions, ensuring critical data is securely stored and recoverable in case of emergencies.
  • Storage Solutions: We provide scalable storage options to meet your data needs, including cloud storage and on-premises solutions.

We understand that each business is unique, and our services can be customized to suit your specific needs. Our team works closely with you to develop tailored solutions that optimize your IT infrastructure.